The Corn Husk Experiment

The Corn Husk Experiment

A Novel

Andrea Cale


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The lives of five strangers intertwine at a crowded football stadium, in this novel about the mysterious connections that unite us all.
A painfully shy boy. A troubled dancer. A lonely photographer. An extraordinarily gifted quarterback. A self-declared misfit. Their lives are about to converge for only a few hours—as they unknowingly become part of a mysterious phenomenon called The Corn Husk Experiment.
These five strangers, each with a challenge to overcome, will find themselves in a football stadium with more than seventy-five thousand others who are silently and secretly experiencing many of the same struggles and joys. Little do they know that a wise theologian has a plan for them—in a suspenseful novel with a healing message at its core about the connections we unknowingly share with each other.