Chatroom Lovers

Chatroom Lovers

Nona Gallien


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Christine Billingsley is a young, beautiful black woman torn between her career and her desires. She’s also torn between two powerful men. She has caught the eye of the CEO of the company where she interns, but she also enjoys attention from her sexy green-eyed supervisor, Neal Langston, an engineer by day and rancher by night.

At first, Christine fights her urges by denying how she feels about Neal until they share a passionate kiss at his ranch during an employee picnic. However, their love is not meant to be, and Christine instead ends up running the company at Neal’s side. Their relationship is still complicated, so Christine fills the romance void by chatting with strangers on the Internet.

She is very fond of one man in particular who she spends hours chatting with online. They even arrange online dates! As Neal returns to his old tricks, flirting with Christine, she finds solace in a man she has never met. Although she still has feelings for Neal—and the sex is incredible—it’s time to move on … but fate has other ideas.