Danny and Mj

Danny and Mj

A Story of Forbidden Love

Suzanne Casey


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MJ, a local city manager, gets knocked off her feet when she first meets a regional salesman at a conference. Danny is the opposite type she’s been attracted to, yet she keeps making a fool of herself around him. He sees the effect he has on her and pursues her attention. There’s only one problem: they are both committed with families at home.

Struggling with their attraction to one another, Danny and MJ keep playing with fire, teasing until the inevitable happens. Scorching sex becomes their game, an addiction neither seem to be able to walk away from. The admired businesswoman enjoys being bossed, while the people pleaser in Danny relishes in taking control.

The bad boy in Danny unveils a spicy MJ she didn’t know was in her. And her love for him gives Danny the strength to unburden the traumas of his youth through the many conversations they share during their escapades. Week after week, Danny & MJ cocoon themselves in bed, all the while continuing to play a balancing act of keeping up appearances at home and at work.

The love story of Danny & MJ may be forbidden in society’s eyes, but it is a love story just the same. Set in the picturesque Atlantic Canada provinces, the web of deception these two lovers will have to create in order to be together will weigh heavily on them. But their love cannot be denied.