A Collection of Novellas

A Collection of Novellas

An Accompaniment to a Journey for Business or Pleasure

George Renton


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This book contains four stories in which mystery, intrigue, crime and love are the principal themes. 1) FLOORBOARDS Who broke into an old lady’s home and sawed through the floorboards? This seemingly pointless act of vandalism conceals a dark intrigue set in 1940s Britain. Readers who are fascinated by this era will appreciate this story. 2) THE OSMOSIS AFFAIR Foreign business trips are not always a free holiday at the expense of the shareholders. A young export salesman discovers the perils of doing business with unscrupulous people in countries where the rule of law is not well established. It may be wise to read this story before setting out on an export sales trip. 3) HIDDEN IMAGES A man’s past is a mysterious place; unfathomable to others. In his declining years an Italian artist strives to eternalize his gratitude to those who spared the life of a teenager. 4) SAVED BY MORSE Love can and does blossom in the most unexpected circumstances. Deafness is no impediment to love. The author presents meticulously conceived novellas.... Characters are introduced with swift sureness that renders their reality beyond doubt.......