The Villa

The Villa

M. Warnasuriya


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Jason and Susan Smith have been married for two years. They live a quiet life in an apartment with their cat, Penny. Jason is a cardiologist and Susan is a homemaker with the dream of becoming a writer. To surprise his wife, Jason purchases a four-story villa in the mountains, overlooking the beach. Susan is enthralled by the beauty and extravagance of her new home, which also happens to be over a century old. Little does she know, however, that the house has a dark past, that of suffering and death, which has given rise to angry spirits that dwell within and beyond its walls. Susan, who is expecting a child, is desperate to find out why these spirits are terrorizing her home and their lives. In her quest for answers, she stumbles upon a set of old journals in the attic and begins reading them. As she reads, things become clear, and Susan begins to unravel the truth behind the hauntings. Will she be able to put these spirits to rest and save her beloved home?