The Code of Creation with Guru Nanak and Albert Einstein

The Code of Creation with Guru Nanak and Albert Einstein

Two Supramental Visionaries

Amar Kapoor M.D.


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For centuries, humanity is trying to understand the creation of the universe, the operation of the universe and the essence of Truth. Before Big Bang, there was perhaps a Singularity event creating the Milky Way. The total movement of the Earth or cosmology is through the intricate order of the Universe called Hukum. The two Supramental Visionaries, namely Nanak and Einstein have discovered the code of the Unified field and the Code of Creation. Decoding Guru Nanak’s encrypted logo, Ek Om Kar, and Albert Einstein’s E=mc2 give us the mystical unity consciousness and scientific thought experiments. This book presents the portal of Truth with the signature of the Code of Creation. This gift to humanity is the master key that unlocks the Treasury of Existence, the realms of Transcendence and Radical Possibilities. You can participate in the domain of the human enterprise by entertaining the Platform of One, connecting with the Unified field of one and the signature Code of Creation.