A Star Story

A Star Story

The Star Aligned Girl

Maryam Scott-Edeson


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In a world full of corruption and greed, inside the walls of the ancient city of Alexandria, a young girl arrives into the harem of the High Priest. She is mainly chosen because of her unfading beauty and her charm and talent; she starts off as a normal concubine, but she is soon promoted to the High Priest Court as the best musician who is appointed and allowed to play only during Court Ceremonies in front of the Pharaoh and his entourage. She doesn’t know yet the purpose of the visit to this highly privileged place. But she is to find out soon…She carries a group of stars (in the shape of a star constellation on her arm) that all Priests have been seeking for hundreds of years. Therein lies a powerful prophecy. But she is oblivious to all that. She simply wishes to play her mandolin. Somehow her life is intertwined with the destiny of the Priest and the new Pharaoh and she will play a major part in the events that are about to unfold. Will she be the next Pharaoh? Or the first female Priestess in Alexandria? And who is the young boy that comes to her rescue at the most dangerous part of her journey?